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Steely Dan Playlist
1. Do it Again
2. Dirty Work
3. Midnight Cruiser
4. Only a Fool would say that
5. Reelin’ in the Years
6. Bodhisattva
7. Razor Boy
8. Show Biz Kids
9. My Old School
10. Rikki don’t Lose that Number
11. Night by Night
12. Any Major Dude will Tell You
13. Barrytown
14. Parker’s Band
15. Charlie Freak
16. Black Friday https
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Steely Dan Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Today we have a band from the 70s that was a big part of my father’s adolescence.  The band in question is Steely Dan, a Jazz-Rock band consisting mainly of guitarist Walter Becker and singer/keyboardist Donald Fagan.  At first, Steely Dan was a real band with other members, but Becker and Fagen’s decadent lifestyle and relentless studio prefectionism eventually drove off all the other band members. In their songs, they generally invent characters who party, carouse and make bad decisions. The twist is that Steely Dan doesn’t celebrate a decedent lifestyle – their songs often end with the character suffering the consequences of their bad behavior.  
Do it Again
      Steely Dan’s first album was “Can’t Buy a Thrill” released in 1972.  Their
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Dogcopter Ideas
      I’m a fan of Steven Universe, and that show has hit roughly its thousandth hiatus, so I’ve been thinking too much about that show.  I also like the idea of fiction within fiction which is why I came up with some ideas about how a Dogcopter movie series could go.  For those who don’t know, Dogcopter is a fictional movie series adapted from a book series that Connie is a fan of and she gets Steven to be a fan as well.  Connie says about the series that “In a world where humanity is pushed to the brink, it turns out that the one who is most human is a dog, copter.” Based on that statement, I got some ideas about what the previous movies were like.
      Before we start, if my writing quality is worse than usual, it might be because I was thinking out loud for this paper.
      Dogcopter – This movie starts with a young boy named Jimmy who lives in a world that is only a small exagg
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Iron Maiden Radio Show II
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Last year, I did a lot of second shows because I didn’t have many ideas for new bands or artists.  This year, every musician I have presented so far has been new to this show.  In fact, today’s band is the only one making a return appearance.  This band happens to be Iron Maiden.  Last time, I talked almost exclusively about their 80s songs.  This time, I’m going to be more diverse.
      Our first song has a somewhat familiar subject.  It’s about a boy looking for his father because he presumably wants to kill him.  The boy was born to a father who’s likely a criminal of some sort and a mother who I think is a prostitute.  The Johnny Cash song (written by Shel Silverstein) A Boy Named Sue had this subject, but that boy
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Grateful Dead Playlist
1. The Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)
2. Beat it on Down the Line
3. Cold Rain and Snow
4. Morning Dew
5. New, New Minglewood Blues
6. That’s it for the Other One
7. New Potato Caboose
8. St. Stephen
9. Dupree’s Diamond Blues
10. China Cat Sunflower
11. Uncle John’s Band
12. Dire Wolf
13. Cumberland Blues
14. Black Peter
15. Casey Jones
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Grateful Dead Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  For this episode, I’m in an awkward position.  I’m playing music from The Grateful Dead today.  They are known as a legendary live band with some excellent jam sessions.  However, when I tried to listen to their 23-minute-long song Dark Star on the album “Live/Dead”, I got bored because it was so repetitive.  Great bands like Yes, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, and early Genesis give an experience that’s like driving through a rapidly changing landscape.  The Grateful Dead’s concert jam sessions are like driving through Death Valley.  Sure, the scenery is nice at first, but it gets old quickly.  Thankfully, I think The Grateful Dead are underrated as songwriters, and today’s show will give you eleven reason why that is the case.
The Golden Road (to Unl
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R.E.M. Playlist
1. Gardening at Night
2. Radio Free Europe
3. Talk about the Passion
4. Perfect Circle
5. 7 Chinese Brothers
6. So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)
7. Pretty Persuasion
8. (Don’t Go back to) Rockville (song starts at 0:23)
9. Feeling Gravity’s Pull
10. Driver 8 (song starts at 0:50)
11. Can’t get there from Here
12. Green Grow the Rushes
13. Begin the Begin
14. Fall on Me
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R.E.M. Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Today’s band has been a long time coming.  R.E.M. was one of my favorite bands in the late-2000s, but partially due to the influence of my high school journalism teacher Mr. Larry Nath and partially because the idea of nonsense lyrics went from a positive to a negative trait in my mind, they have fallen quite far.  Luckily, there are still are considerable number of songs from R.E.M. that I enjoy so I’m still a fan, just not as big of a fan as I used to be.  Anyway, this band consisted of Guitarist Peter Buck, Bassist Mike Mills, Drummer Bill Berry, and bald-headed Singer Michael Stipe.  This band formed in 1980 and put out their first album “Murmur” in 1983.  The album was recorded without synthesizers or guitar solos to give the album a more timeless feel.  I can understand synthesizers, but I cons
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Cover Songs Playlist
1. Hound Dog – Elvis Presley
2. Georgia on my Mind – Ray Charles
3. Twist and Shout – The Beatles
4. Little Red Rooster – The Rolling Stones
5. All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
6. Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) – The Beach Boys
7. Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin
8. Every Little Thing – Yes
9. Summertime Blues – The Who
10. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
11. See Emily Play – David Bowie
12. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Elton
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Cover Songs Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Today, we have ourselves a show all about cover songs.  Specifically, we’re talking about good ones that are better than the original versions.  So, if you’re expecting Michael Bolton’s version of (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay or Limp Bizkit’s versions of Faith and Behind Blue Eyes, you will be disappointed.  These are some songs that were better than the originals.
Georgia on my Mind – Ray Charles
      Our first song today is one you probably didn’t even know was a cover.  As it turns out, Ray Charles’ signature song is a cover of big band leader Hoagy Carmichael.  He made the song in 1930 with music that wouldn’t be out of place in the background of a Looney Toon. Ray Charles covered the song in 1960 an
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The Police Playlist
1. Next to You
2. So Lonely
3. Roxanne
4. Can’t Stand Losing You
5. Message in a Bottle
6. Bring on the Night
7. Walking on the Moon
8. The Bed’s too big without You
9. Don’t Stand So Close to Me
10. Driven to Tears
11. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
12. Spirits in the Material World
13. Every Little Thing She does is Magic
14. Invisible Sun
15. Rehumanize Yourself (
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The Police Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Usually, when I know about a great actor or a great musician, I get worried wondering what the last movie or album they make before they die is going to be like.  Sometimes, they luck out with a great movie or album right before they die.  Heath Ledger played The Joker in The Dark Knight.  Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain (all members of The 27 Club) had great albums right before they died in the form of “L.A. Woman”, “Pearl”, and “In Utero” respectively.  Most times when these people get old, their last role isn’t very good.  Gene Kelly and Orson Welles last roles were in Xanadu and Transformers: The Movie respectively and I hope that Patrick Stewart’s last role will not be the Poop emoticon from the upcoming Emoji Movie.  One such band that didn’t have to wo
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Chuck Berry Playlist
1. Maybellene
2. Wee Wee Hours
3. Thirty Days
4. No Money Down
5. Roll over Beethoven
6. Too much Monkey Business
7. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
8. You can’t Catch Me
9. Havana Moon
10. School Days (Ring Ring goes the Bell)
11. Oh Baby Doll
12. Rock & Roll Music
13. Sweet Little Sixteen
14. Reelin’ and Rockin’
15. Johnny B. Goode
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Chuck Berry Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  It has occurred to me that I rarely (if ever) cover music made by African-Americans and have never made a show for an artist associated with the 1950s.  In addition, July 4th was two days ago, so I need something All-American for that holiday.  Chuck Berry fills all those requirements for me.
      Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born in 1926 meaning he was almost thirty years old when he started his career.  He lived in a middle-class black family in St. Louis, MO for his childhood and adolescence, but even in a state that wasn’t too harmful to black folks like Missouri, arrests must come into play at some point (especially before the Civil Rights Movement).  Berry was convicted of armed robbery as a young adult and went to a reformatory from 1944-47.  He also spent some years working at an automobile pla
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Adele Playlist
1. Daydreamer
2. Chasing Pavements
3. Cold Shoulder
4. Melt My Heart to Stone
5. Right as Rain
6. Make You feel My Love
7. Hometown Glory
8. Rolling in the Deep
9. Rumour has it
10. Turning Tables
11. Set Fire to the Rain
12. He won’t Go
13. Someone like You
14. Skyfall
15. Hello (song starts at 1:15)
16. Send My Love (to your New L
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Adele Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show and we have reached the final episode of Women in Rock N’ Roll Month. To be fair, this woman isn’t a rock singer, more like a soul singer, but I’m playing her music anyway.  The reason for it can traced to a Saturday Night Live skit from around Thanksgiving of 2015.  You had a family arguing over the Thanksgiving table about (mostly political) issues.  Both TV choices and the internet have done a great job at dividing us into niches.  However, what ultimately brought this family together was a love for Adele’s music.  This British songtress has had a love for music that goes back to her childhood.  She likely has been singing as far back as she can remember.
Chasing Pavements
      Our first song was a U.S. top 40 hit before the album “21”. &
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      Today, I discovered a new website called The Fanfic Maker  Essentially, it will make bad fanfiction based on information you type in.  I am not entirely a stranger to bad fanfiction as my story A Princess and a Bear can attest. However, this is fanfiction that a machine will spit out.  Since I'm a big fan of both Gravity Falls and Steven Universe (neither of which have a preset on that website), I decided to put Dipper, Mabel, and Steven in a story together. What I plan to do is take the story that The Fanfic Maker spits out, put my own personal touch on it, and release it to you the public. However, for the sake of transparency, I will post the original story that The Fanfic Maker gave me.  The four main settings are violence, ego, sex, and cliches.  I set ego and sex to nil since I do not plan to be a part of this story and Dipper, Mabel, and Steven are just kids. The violence is low because while Steven is a trained warrior, he often looks for the diplomatic approach. Dipper and Mabel are somewhat formidable fighters, but they are Badass Normal at best.  That leaves the cliches, which I set pretty high.  So, without further ado, here's the original version of this story.

      A/N: I got this idea from another story I was writing, so I thought Id use it here as well

      This is the story of one loan heroes struggle to overcome to the forces of evil. This industructable heroes name: Steven Universe!!!"
      Steven was up earlier than usually. He was super excited. After all, today was his wedding day!  Steven danced through the room, sang a little bit and couldn't wait until the evening.  Oh, how excited Steven was! Today, he would finally be married to Mabel Pines!
      Of course for this day, Steven had chosen the best wedding cake. And the best wedding catering. And invited all his friends to come (except Dipper Pines cuz he's a bitch).  Mabel Pines herself was also up early in the morning, doing her morning stretches and excercise so she'd look nice and buff in her dress.  Steven was trying out his wedding suit in front of the mirror  There had been a mixup at the dresser but Mabel Pines thought it was kind of funny so they went along with it.
      But of course, most importantly of all: Steven couldn't wait until the actual night. See. Steven had a bit of a stick kink. but kept it secret so far. Steven felt there had to be at least one thing Mabel should only discover on their wedding night! Oh, how excited Steven was to finally share that final bit with Mabel Pines!
      The day was coming along nice. Steven received lots of compliments for his suit. Mabel looked fabulous in her dress. Her muscles looked nicely toned thanks to the suit being of just the right tightness. Oh, Steven loved watching his love. Those sweet lips of her touching the wine glass, soaking them up in the red liquid of the wine. Those lips he could kiss all night long. And those hands, Steven Universe looked at it. Abscentmindedly as someone else was talking to Steven while he did so. Mabel's hands were so full with power. The way hse grabbed Steven's hands as they cut the cake. The way she held Steven's wrists as he cut the cake into slices. Those hands would be soon on Steven's chest.
      There was a speech or two. Proclaiming that there had never been such a perfect couple as Steven Universe and Mabel Pines. That the universe had never seen such love. And everyone cheered and rejoiced. And there were flower petals and rice raining down on them and there were songs being sang in their names.
      Or so it should be. Because when Steven stood there at the altar about to give his word to Mabel. Suddenly! An ExplosioN!
      And from the smoke arised no one else but Dipper Pines!
      "Stop! You are making a mistake!" Dipper said. "I should be with Mabel!!"

~~~~~ A/N Oooooh! Bet you didn't expect that! Sorry ClarisaTheBeautiful, I no I told you I wouldn't do that, but I did! hAHAHAHA! ~~~~ Onto the next chappie!

      The man stood atop of the rubble while from everywhere Security Gaurd came from. They tied up all the wedding guests (and , who had been the priest, too!).
      "I knew something was up," Dipper said. "You sounded way too happy last time we spat insults at each other." He said as he walked down from the rubble into the wedding area. "Of course, there was also this." He took out a paper and folded it into an aeroplane. Then he fired it at Steven.
      Steven opened it up and saw... it was their wedding invitation. Dipper Pines laughed loudly, "Oh yeah, you were willing to invite Bill Cipher but not me?! So I did what I had the right to do... I went to Bill Cipher and I defeated him and took her invitation.
      Steven knew that Dipper could be powerful. Oh yeah, before Dipper turned out to be such a collosal biatch, they had been fighting Bill Cipher together. But Steven didn't know that Dipper could have defeated Bill long as he had enough motivation!
      HAHAHAHAAHA, Dipper Pines laughed. "Now to enact my plan!" Because not only will I stop your wedding, I will make your wedding IMPOSSIBLE!!!
      The security gaurds took  and shoved him forward. They did the same thing with Mabel.
      Dipper walked over to Mabel and took his hand. "Now, , wed me! Otherwise I will kill all you love! And if you, Steven try to stop me....I will ressurrect Bill Cipher!"
      Steven felt like he was kicked in the stomach. What an impossible choice! Steven thought. Give up the love of Steven's life or save the world from Bill Cipher. It was almost as if fate or God set everythin in motion to torture Steven!
      But long Steven didn't have to be in agony. Because Steven had a plan!

~~~~~A/N uuuurgh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry it took sooo long. I had to find some inspiration because yknow, it fic did end in a really difficult cliffhanger! But after binge watching some netflix, I think I really got a cool thing down now! ~~~~~~

      "Uuuurgh," Steven said, putting up his most bored voice, "Well, I didn't really want him anyway, I just said that to rile you up."
      "What?!" said Dipper in utter disbelieve.
      "Yeaaah, I was just so angry with you over, y'know, that thing. that I decided that I was going to marry Mabel just to make you jealous."
      And then, then Steven Universe thought of the one thing that would make his ruse even better.
      "Because really, said Steven, I love you."
      Dipper stood there baffled. All the mercenaryss looked at him unsure what to do now.
      "Y... you mean that?" said Dipper Pines.
      "Of course not!" said Mabel and in that unguarded moment she knocked Dipper unconscious.
      "Haha, you didn't expect that to happen, hey Bitch?!" Mabel Pines yelled loudly and laughed loudly afterwards. All the other guests laughed as well. As did Steven Universe.
      And afterwards, when the police came and arrested Dipper Pines, the wedding continued.
      And as Steven predicted. In the evening, finally he could show off his kink. And then it turned out that Mabel too had a secret, she whispered at Steven, taking off her dress and revealing that she had been wearing nipple clamps all this time. That was kinda hot as well, Steven Universe thought and it became a really really nice night.
      Although, deeply, somewhere... Steven felt a little doubt over his proclaimation of love towards Dipper. Maybe there was a core of truth in it. Maybe their rivalry was nothing more than a elaborate foreplay? Non-the less. Now it was too late. Mabel was Steven's wife now. Although... maybe... when Dipper finally came free, Steven might be able to convince Mabel to explore more kinks with the both of them....

The end

      Okay, time for some post-story notes.

1. The story originally had the following statement at the end of the first paragraph.  "(A/N Oh yeah, Steven Universe is ghey. If you wanna know how that happened, read my other stories!)"  Since Steven is male and Mabel is female, it's safe to say that Steven isn't gay.
2. For the above reason, the generator seemed to mix up the genders of these characters.  I did my best to fix this problem.
3. Fortunately, the accidental gender flip works surprisingly well with the characters.  As Open Book demonstrated, Steven is the type of boy who would be interested in weddings.  Mabel is also incredibly powerful as she has lifted Dipper and swung him around in joy (from The Time Traveler's Pig), held her and Dipper's weight in one hand while holding her grappling hook in the other hand (Gideon Rises), and has made a unicorn bleed by punching it (The Last Mabelcorn).  So a muscular Mabel would make more sense than most people would think.
4. I actually kinda ship Pinecest.  Dipper and Mabel spend so much time together anyway.  It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to suggest that their emotional connection will spread to their love life.
5. I don't binge watch anything.  I like watching one or two episodes per day of a given show.
6. Honestly, the ship of Mabel X Steven doesn't sound that bad.  After all, they do have similar personalities.  Steven is pretty feminine for a male and Mabel enjoys adventure despite how girly and quirky she is.  If it wasn't for Connie, I could support this ship wholesale (or perhaps wholesail to keep the pun going).  As is, it would be a decent ship. 
7. Steven X Dipper could also work if only because I imagine Dipper has some repressed incestual feelings and Steven would make a good substitute for Mabel.
      Well, that was weird.  I'm hoping to refine this story to a fine comedic edge.  Until that day comes (if ever), be on the lookout for more radio scripts of mine.

GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend!Heart 3D Mabel pines 


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